Principal Engineer -HVAC

Main Job Responsibilities:

·      Be responsible for delivering work to a fee agree with Project


·      Quality task delivery to agreed deadline and fee

·      Attend to project / site technical matters

·      Present to clients if required at times

·      Construct project teams from internal and external resources

·      Attend team meetings and play an active role in the development of

       procedures within your team

·      Have an understanding of business plan, mission statements and

       key challenges

·      Have knowledge of concept design, buildability, detailed design,

       construction techniques, procurement routes, risk assessment and

       claim assessment

·      Prepare drawings and calculations. Check drawings / review

        calculations from Engineers ( or CAD at time)

·      Have knowledge of our delivery in CAD standards

·      Contribute to project QA policy

·      Implement project QA policy

·      Supervise office filing system set-up and maintenance to office


·      Review and comment on company procedure documents using the

       feedback system

·      Apply policies relating to health & safety, quality and training

·      May serve as a project engineer and as a designated client contact

       on smaller, less complex projects.

Required Knowledge & Skill :

·      Excellent organizational skills, effective time management, including

       the ability to deal with conflicting demands in order to meet

       deadlines, prioritize heavy workload and have a willingness to work


·      Preparation of heat load calculations with the Use of HAP latest


·      Preparation of HVAC design Reports

·      Design HVAC systems and single line diagrams for the system.

·      Spatial planning at the concept stage.

·      Designing of HVAC system layouts in coordination with Architects,

       client and structural consultants.

·      Preparation of specification, bill of quantities and price estimates.

·      Assist during vendor bidding and negotiation meetings along with the

       client to represent the technical queries.

·      Coordination within departments such as Electrical / PHE and others

       to ensure that the services are well coordinated. 

Qualification and Experience required:

·      Must possess with 15 years of professional experience in HVAC


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